At Mind Body Mana, I believe that each of us hold inside us the ability to be the physician. It is up to us to decide if the method we are using to treat our issues will heal us. That is why I only chose to work with people who find that my mission resonates with them, and that we are a good fit for each other. I use a transpersonal approach with my healing modalities that are geared towards helping people achieve a better understanding of how to treat any problems that are causing issues in their life.


How Does Transpersonal Development Coaching Work? 

Everyone of us is put on this earth for a purpose, and we know what this purpose is before we come into this life.  We are not here to just live our lives halfway, or in a place of unhappiness. Unfortunately life also gives us the lessons that we need in order to unfold who we are meant to be, and  it is easy to get caught up in the stories of our past, so we end up holding ourselves back from that purpose. No matter where you may be right now – you have an epic story waiting to unfold. Whether we choose to go on the journey to find that purpose and embrace it is up to us. That is where Mind Body Mana comes in, it is my purpose to support you on your journey to uncovering your happiness and true story for this life.  My ultimate goal as your coach is to help you uncover your own potential to heal. 

It is now my deep personal belief that on our paths in life, we come across everything that we need to that propels us in the direction we set forth to do before we entered this physical body. Over the years, before I realized that my purpose was to be a facilitator and witness to people’s deep inner work, I had lots of signs and lessons that were preparing me for this role. As my training finally began in 2010, it wasn’t until 2015 that I was ready to set out and finally create a program which took a positive approach to identifying and healing the blocks that prevent us from living our life as we want to, as we’re meant to. That is when I created this Transpersonal Development Coaching program, and it has been a passion of mine to develop it with integrity and excitement.   I have figured out how to help people discover their full potential, and I help them visualize and create a positive life.  I use a transpersonal approach where clients can take an active role in working with their whole self to get back to an authentic existence .  And, most importantly, it was designed to process the many blocks and emotional barriers that needed to be addressed so that when you are healed, you not only understand, but have processed, accepted and are confident in moving forward with your life.

The word “transpersonal” means therefore “beyond the person”. The psychology of Transpersonal Development Coaching is based on the idea of a higher self within each individual, which doesn't recognize itself as a single personality but rather as being part of all that is there to be.

At a deeper level transpersonal coaching works with clients who want to unfold themselves and who are looking to integrate all facets of their personality into a complete (transpersonal) self - that which goes beyond the individual personality and recognizes itself as part of the Whole - connected to the source of life and all knowledge, becoming ultimately timeless, that is, eternal in the here and now.

As a Transpersonal development coach, I have a deep passion for truly helping others learn to heal themselves.  After more than 10 years of study in the integrative healing arts, I started to see, and lived out, the amazing benefits of how the tools she was cultivating actually worked, not only on our energy, but also with physical conditions. I have sense then made it my mission to help others learn the same tools and techniques that I learned, so that they may live a life that they are wildly excited about. I have a multi-hyphenate certifications and uses them uniquely to help others where they need it most. 

Combining my love for helping others with various approaches, I also believe in empowering others, and helping them feel amazing in their daily lives. This is done by transforming your beliefs so that you understand your own innate power, or by simply changing your mindset so that you have the confidence in yourself to see your goals, dreams and intentions come to fruition. All of my sessions are centered around the uniqueness of my clients, and I truly get to know each and everyone one so that the treatments are customized to fit their needs and make sure that it resonates with their own beliefs.  

Whatever issues you may be dealing with, I am confident that I can empathize with you, hold you in a space of witnessing, and fascilitate the required changes that are necessary for you to make the changes you so deeply desire. 


How is Coaching different than Therapy? 

As a coach and mentor, I work with people who want to unfold their life purpose, to create deep meaning and lasting connection with themselves, their personal relationships and their work. While I am dedicated to helping my clients make the lifestyle changes necessary for their success, I am not a licensed therapist. I cannot diagnose and treat mental illness. I work with clients who face challenges with life, career, stress, spirituality, self-care, relationships and the wish of a meaningful life that they love to co-create in with the Universe. Therapy, on the other hand, thoroughly assesses and addresses issues from the childhood and past. I work with a team of other coaches, certified psychologists and therapists to ensure that my clients can unfold all necessary facets of themselves during the process receiving the support of qualified specialists and experts of different fields if that is their choice.


Can I work with another coach or therapist at the same time? 


Absolutely. It’s entirely up to you to decide the level of support you need in your life to execute change, healing, and actualizing the biggest vision for your life. As said in the question above it’s also part of my job to ensure that you receive access to the right experts in the fields you want and need to develop during our coaching process. I believe that personal development is key to success, and encourage you to develop your personal team of support as well.


What qualifies me to do this work? 


I’ve spent over twelve years studying various forms of psychology, transpersonal development, and Eastern belief systems and how they seamlessly work interchangeably together. For the past several years have worked one-on-one with clients to see how these various modalities and knowledge could help unfold their potential and bring meaning, understanding and fulfillment into their lives. I’ve spent over a decade of active deep inner work with the support of therapists, coaches and mentors myself in order to unfold my own potential. In 2016 I completed a degree as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, which included a certification as a clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual coach and mindfulness guide or meditation instructor. I also hold certifications in transcendental meditation, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming for changing behavior and thinking), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, a proven energy-based technique that releases mental, emotional and physical stress) techniques, Reiki, Crystal Healing and a few others. Over the years, in doing a combination of these healing modalities in my coaching practices, I’ve learned how to customize sessions to cater to the individual needs of others. In all of this time, it was the deep inner work that I allowed myself to really understand, and then cultivate, my own intuitive gifts as well. I learned not only of my clair-abilities, but how to tap into that knowing and be able to share with others what I was sensing. This has proven to be really beneficial in the work that I do, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that my path has taken me on to lead me to serve others to see their own highest potential. I look forward to continuing my own spiritual journey so I can better serve those who come to me. This winter I have enrolled in my RYT-200 with Amy Ippoliti at 90 Monkeys.