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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
— Socrates

Does this sound like you? 

Every morning you wake up, you feel ready to start the day, mostly out of obligation. You actually wish you had the drive or willpower to get up and meditate, work out, or do some journaling. You know that these things are good for you to do, but you just cant seem to find the time. Besides, it’s probably meaningless - can having those habits really change your life like people claim? 

You get dress, drink your coffee, and think about everything you need to do today. You feel stressed and anxious just thinking about all that is on your plate. You know you have been letting your dreams and goals fall to the wayside and they are starting to seem farther and farther out of reach. You may tell yourself that you're too dumb, too stupid, not significant enough to really have those kind of goals. Who are you to have aspirations that big? 

As you head out and go to work, you get a sense of dread. It's not that you hate your job, but you feel like something is missing. Maybe you haven’t gotten promoted in awhile, maybe you don’t like your co-workers, but you don’t know how to make the changes to make the situation better. You feel often like nobody understands you, and dealing with other people is sometimes difficult.


You scour Pinterest looking at all of the inspirational quotes, and self-help blogs that promise to teach you The Secret, Law of Attraction, Happiness or Manifesting but how does it work? The stuff you've Pinned or hung by your desk resonate but doesn’t really mean anything.... who believes this really works? Can it? Who can show me how to make all of this make sense?  Are other people really that happy in life? 


You feel there is a big disconnect in your life and you just can’t figure out where it is coming from or how to get passed it. You know, deep down, that there is more to life than what you're experiencing, but it always feels just a tad out of reach. 


Sometimes you think about the holidays coming up and how it seems pointless. You feel guilty for having to buy people crap they don’t need, and worshiping a deity that may or may not exist. At family gatherings it's a reminder that other people have their lives figured out and you are just winging it. What are you doing wrong, and how come nobody can give you the answers you need to move forward? 

As you leave work and go to yoga class you think about how much you enjoy the practice.  You love the feeling being in the stillness, the movement of asanas and the breath work. You can almost feel that meditative state, but you are not sure if it’s real or if you are just tired and want a nap. How do you understand this more? You want to ask the other students or the yoga instructor, but don’t want to come off as stupid.  

Finding a significant other is difficult or when they do the relationships go down in flames after a fiery passionate start. All of your friends have gotten married, had kids, bought houses, and there you are just zoning out on social media and spending weekends with your pet. Alone. How can this change? How can you develop a better understanding of intimacy and yourself? 

Maybe you have taken pills your doctor recommended to deal with your anxiety/stress/depression, but they didn’t really do anything and it felt wrong to take drugs for a problem they can’t put their finger on. You know deep down that drugs won't fix the problem, but they don’t know exactly what the problem is. You often turn to drinking or other substances to numb the feelings of being lost or unsure about life. 

You don’t really feel like other people understand your problems, so you don’t talk about it to people close to you. You feel alone but not always depressed. You honestly just wish someone could help you connect the dots so that you can be happy and have the feeling that life is meaningful. 

You know you need to make some changes, you're ready to make the changes. You feel it deep inside that there is more to life than what is currently happening. It’s time to find someone who has the answers and can show them the way.  That's where I can help! 


What is Transpersonal Development Coaching? 


I like to say that I’m a personal trainer for your inner well-being. I feel that gives people a pretty good idea of what working together will be like. I have the know how and the tools that will help you achieve your desired goals and results, however, you are responsible to actually do the work even when we’re not together.

My goal for you during transpersonal development coaching is to help you gain an understanding of your inner self, so that you can start living your life in a way that you always knew was possible, or that you dreamed it would be; with pure happiness. 

Transpersonal Development Coaching differs because it helps you develop the spiritual aspects of yourself in a way that is secular and what resonates with your soul. You will discover the parts of you that have been dormant or hidden for too long, which is what lead you to a path of discomfort, confusion, uncertainty or loss of control.

There is an integration of spiritual tools and traditions with modern psychological thinking, that will help you release blocks that have been subconsciously holding you back. 

Over the years, I have come to know that it's not just the mind and the body that need healing, but it's the spirit itself, or however you want to identify the transcendent part of yourself that connects you to everything else. 

With Transpersonal Development Coaching you will uncover the answers to questions like: 

  • How can I find out what my purpose is, and reconnect to who I really am?

  • How can I feel more connected with others, the world around me, and the greater whole?

  • How can I create, and maintain, spiritual tools to help guide me through the difficult times in my life?

  • How can I uncover my strength, potential, happiness and meaning in this ever changing world?

How does Transpersonal Development Coaching work? 

Because there is a greater focus on the spiritual experience of being human, there are various modalities that are applied in the coaching sessions that will help you uncover what is buried, deep, and help you bring it forward and heal.

Things like: 

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Guided Visualizations

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Reiki

  • Chakra balancing

and more...

These various techniques are now being used by many mental health practitioners, and there have been numerous studies done on the benefits of them to help correct long held beliefs, create new cognitive patterns and create neuroplasticity in the brain to help form lasting changes. 

Transpersonal Development Coaching differs in that I don't see someone as "diseased" nor do I focus on what is "wrong" with you. I believe that there are lessons that we are all supposed to learn, and by uncovering the lesson, learning what it is and being able to apply it in a positive way into our life, we are able to move forward with strength, courage and a new understanding to our life. You are bigger than any difficulties or issues you might have, and I want to show you how to develop that understanding. 


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