How Energy Healing Can Help With Conception

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to explain the connection between the mind and the body and how if the two are in harmony, then the chances of conception are greater. When I went through my own issues of unexplained infertility, I had a lot of emotions circling around the reason why I wasn’t able to conceive, and each time I brought those up to my doctor I was met with the common, reticent, bedside manner that most physicians practice. I was simply told “I don’t know. It just happens”. This left me with so many questions, like “Why is it so difficult this time?” “Why is everyone else able to get pregnant but me?” “Am I really too old now?” “Will I ever have another baby?” These were very strong emotions that were not addressed, because it’s taboo to talk about, because people don’t like to hear your sad stories when they can’t help, because what are people going to say other than “I’m sorry”?

The fact is there are other women, millions of women, who are asking themselves the same questions I was asking myself. Millions of women who are grief-stricken by the inability to conceive, women who might actually be asking the question, that I finally came to, this is: could this be psyche related?

When there are over 7 million women in the United States that are diagnosed with an infertility issue, there seems to be only a one-size-fits-all solution, and that is to try hormone stimulating drugs, IUI, IVF, donor eggs and other medical treatments that are completely unnatural. These all come with a really high price tag and most of the time fail.

In the past the medical community has already acknowledged that stress and anxiety have a huge impact on us physically, and they offer drugs to reduce that stress. We know that if you have stress and anxiety that it will cause high blood pressure, IBS, migraines, sleep disorders, etc. When it comes to infertility, however, the medical community generally took the position that when it comes to getting pregnant and carrying full term, this was all strictly a physiological course and that emotions and our mind had zero to do with it.  In my recent studies on human reproduction and how hormones effect our bodies, I’ve learned that stress plays a big part in our reproductive health. Infertility is not just a physical issue, and there is a great need to address the mental and emotional components that play a vital role in making conception happen. Our feelings, fears, anxieties, stressors, past trauma, are all very major factors in a very complicated process. For example, when we are highly stressed our brain releases a hormone called prolactin. High prolactin will decrease FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels. This leads to irregular ovulation and irregular menstrual periods, or no periods at all - amenorrhea. It also will cause our fallopian tubes to spasm should ovulation even occur, making the sperm meeting the egg pretty much impossible.

When we really look at the emotional issues that are tied to infertility, the mind and body connection is very apparent. When I think about the clients I’ve already had, and the issues they each face with their own infertility, I notice that they all have their own strong emotional states of not being able to conceive which lead them to me.  Addressing the issues with the mind and body involves working with the subconscious mind, and I do this with hypnotherapy. In our subconscious mind, that is where all of our issues, feelings, emotions, fears, anxieties, old beliefs, life experiences, behavior patterns and other negative feelings are stored. When a woman is facing infertility, these negative feelings intensify and usually become all consuming. In order to fix the issue, changes need to be made, lasting changes, and that includes in our lives, and in our thoughts. The healing that needs to occur at the subconscious level has the potential to unlock one’s ability to conceive. I’ve seen this happen!