Using Shiva Lingam For Infertility

There are a lot of crystals associated with fertility that you can find, they are all very helpful in aiding in specific issues, like the Moonstone for femine energy, but what about a dual stone? One that is good for women and men? It would make sense that you'd need a great stone for both partners in the conceiving process. One stone that I love and is rarely mentioned is the Shiva Lingam. 

In Onkar Mandhata there is the Narmada River, where villagers will go to collect the stones from the river, and then hand polish them. These stones are found in one of the seven holy sites of India and are a phallic symbol of the Hindu God, Shiva. This stone represents both the male and female as it also resembles an egg, it also represents the cosmic egg, from which all creation emerged. So you can get an idea of why this stone is so ideal for treating issues with infertility. They are made up of cryptocrystalline quartz, if that sounds familiar it's because Chalcedony is also. 

This stone resonates with all of the elemental energies: - Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Stone. And it is great for activating the Kundalini energy, boosting vitality, breaking up old patterns and helping manifest energy for new life. As a Healer, I use shiva lingam to treat impotence and infertility. It also is great for strengthening for the whole body and entire Chakra system. During these healing treatments I place the shiva lingam on the sacral chakra area, just below the naval, as that is where the energy for reproduction and sexual health is located.