Changes at Mind Body Mana

Hey Lovebugs!! 

So I have some pretty exciting news that I want to share with all of you. As we go through this path in life, we will learn things that help us grow, discover our strengths, find our purpose and discover who we truly are. While it has been an absolute pleasure and passion for me to work with women who were experiencing infertility and conception issues for the past few years, I must be honest with myself when I feel that I am limiting my ability to help heal others. I have decided to focus on integrative healing as a whole, and not just for those who are looking at trying to conceive. I truly feel that so many others could benefit from my services to heal their emotional trauma, energy blockages and long held negative beliefs. I want to help anyone who is looking to make a change for the better, so that they can get back into alignment with who they truly are.  Knowing this also just feels more authentic to ME as I felt I was limiting my abilities to serve only those who want to get pregnant. 

My goal now is to offer a wider range of services, to share more information on healing, and to be of service to all who are seeking to heal. 

Sending you all the most positive vibes,





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