5 Ways To Heal Your Chakras

Hey Lovebugs! 

So how many of you ever feel super pressed for time? I know I do. I am constantly wondering where the day went and as I get up and get everyone out the door, run my errands, pick up kids, start dinner, check in with clients, I realize as I'm crawling into bed at the end of the day, "wow, I didn't take any time for ME". And while that can and does happen, it's not okay. We all need to take care of ourselves first so that we can continue to take care of our loved ones. If we don't we're gonna get burnt out. So, I've decided to share with all of you 5, EASY, ways to help balance your chakras so that you can keep balanced and in alignment with your optimal beautiful self! 


Hi, have we met? Cause I'm pretty sure all I ever talk about are crystals and how much I love them. If you're skeptical about crystals you can read my post here on how awesome they really are, but if you're already reading my blog, chances are you are in the know. Depending on which chakra you want to balance, or you might want to balance them all, crystals are a super easy way to keep the harmony within yourself. If you know which chakra is imbalanced, then just find the crystal that correlates with that chakra and wear it or carry it with you. I wear a turquoise pendant pretty much every day. I find I rarely have any issues with communication or finding it difficult to listen to others. All I do is wear my favorite piece of jewelry. See, this is already super easy


What is wonderful about yoga is that you don't have to really do a specific asana to balance the chakras, because you're going to be healing ALL of them during a full flow. The movement of energy within our body is so essential to keeping our health at it's best, but if I'm being honest, I use yoga as a check in. I honestly do NOT care what impossible pose I can do, or can't do, anymore. I find that what I'm looking for is where I feel stuck, what emotion comes up, that I am bending further into a position than I did last time and that means I've moved a block I had there. That is what is so great about using Yoga for balancing the chakras, because you see where you are as a whole, not a challenge to contort yourself.. However, doing yoga will start to move that energy around where it is stuck,  that is what is important, and perhaps with enough practice you will easily move into those seemingly impossible inversions you see all over instagram.   


As a hypnotherapist I'm already a huge fan of using guided mediation or visualizations to help clear and balance the mind, but using it to balance the chakras is just as effective. If you can find a quite place to relax, undisturbed, for even a few mins, then this can be really helpful in finding a balance. You can work on just one or all of the chakras if you need to. What you will do is imagine a healing white light coming up from the ground, into your feet. As that healing white light gets higher up your body, when it gets to your hips or pelvis area, picture a red glowing ball of light...pulsating...getting bigger and bigger...hold this for 5 seconds. Move up to your sacral or naval...picture a orange ball of light...pulsating...do this for 5 seconds. Go up to each of the other chakras, holding for 5 seconds at each one until you are done. This is a quick and very effective way to balance your chakras. 


When using essential oils, all you will need to do is find which oil correlates to the chakra(s) you want to help balance. Me, personally, I always need to work on my root or sacral chakra, so I find myself applying a orange blend or clove blend and that keeps me balanced. I will often make a roller ball or, if it's summer time, a spray bottle, and apply as needed. If you have more questions or are interested in getting your own personalized blend, go here, and I would love to answer your question and help you out. 


Yay, something super easy!! So, let's pretend that we are still balancing our sacral chakra, for me, I would want to eat a lot of yummy orange colored foods. Think carrots, mangos, papaya, oranges, walnuts, melon. So you can see how food, like the crystals and oils, all have to do with certain colors when balancing our chakras. This will make it, yep, EASY, for you to make a decision when thinking about what to have for lunch. "Hmm....need to balance my heart, and I'll have a green smoothie." Win win!

Alright my loves, I hope this was insightful for you, and helps you see how you can incorporate taking care of yourself with your busy every day routine. Be good to you, you deserve it!


xoxo - N