DIY Good Vibes Crystal Spray

Hey Lovebugs!!

So one of the things that are bound to happen, when you work with softer crystals like selinite or kyanite, is they will break. It bums me out, but it happens. I also like to use this opportuinty to not let those tiny pieces go to waste, so I like to make a crystal healing spray to cleans my home or aura! This is my little way of turning lemons into lemonade, and I want to share with you today how to do that. This will be another fun DIY.

So what if you combine those tiny crystals with some essential oils, herbs, flowers and intentions?? You get a crystal cocktail, as I like to call them, and they are the perfect combination of conscious, high-vibe tools. Whether you're looking to work through negative thought patterns, get a restorative night's sleep, calm a racing mind, or just find some good vibes, these DIY sprays are the key. And as I mentioned, you can use them to spray your aura, cleans your room or make your linens smell great. These also make an excellent gift for anyone who loves crystals and is a spiritual junkie! 

I was working with my blue kyanite recently, when my butter fingers dropped it and some pieces broke off. I was bummed, but  now I can share with all of you this lovely idea. So that is what  I will be using in my spray. Please note that if you decide to use a crystal, like blue kyanite, that it contains aluminum and should NOT be consumed. 

Here is a list of other crystals that are fun to work with: 

Rose Quartz carries all things love. It boosts the relationships we share with others as well as ourselves, supporting clarity of mind and freedom of judgment.

Citrine is packed with motivation and positivity. It's thought to raise your energy both mentally and physically. It's also great for attracting abundance and prosperity. 

Blue Kyanite helps with alignment and communication. Blue kyanite will help you get your chakras in check, guide you out of a rut if you feel a bit off, and help you speak your truth.

Onyx is a protective stone that sucks up negative vibes and exudes positive energy

Clear Quartz This powerful purifier is loaded with positive intentions, thoughts, and good vibes. This stone is good all around to help balance all the chakras and amplify intentions. 



Choosing the right oils will be a personal thing, I'm going to use Serenity and Balance, as they have the calming and pretty aroma that I like to use to keep me grounded and in alignment. Here are some other oils that you might like: 

Peppermint supports focus, concentration, and clarity. It can also boost energy and relieve tension and stress in the body.

Rosemary is a mood-booster that eases mental fatigue and stimulates memory.

On Guard can help clear the air and sanitize your surroundings.

Lavender is really relaxing, and calming.

Wild Orange can relieve stress, fear, and restlessness to support clear, positive thoughts.

Good Vibes Spray

The Balance and Serenity in this spray help cleanse, calm and ground. With this combo by your side, you'll be feeling chill and happy.


I get my spray bottles here:
  • One spray bottle
  • 1 bottle of alkaline water
  • A crystal that resonates, I'm using Blue Kyanite 
  • 3 to 5 drops of essential oils that match your intentions. 

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl or cup, letting the crystal infuse the mixture for a few hours. Then just transfer to a spray bottle and voilà!