5 Reasons You Lose Energy & How Transpersonal Coaching Can Help!!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
— Einstein

Hey Lovebugs!

Energy is literally everywhere, from the air you and I breathe, the planet that we live on,  to the life force that surrounds your body. Did you know that when you have unbalanced energy it affects every dimension of your life, including your mind, body, and spirit.  When your energy leaks, it can happen in many ways: physical or mental tiredness, loss of motivation or ambition, frustration, feeling stuck and a myriad of physical issues, like illness. These symptoms could be confusing for you, especially if you’re self-aware and cautious with your health. However, even if you have positive energy flowing in, that energy will continue to leak if you are not healed.

So, in order to heal yourself, you have to know that you are leaking energy in the first place! In my case, I was, and this is just one of many examples, living in Hawaii. I had loss my father tragically and suddenly, I had multiple miscarriages, I also lost several other family members, all within a span of 6 months. To say that I was stressed was an understatement. I didn't want to manage my issues with medication nor self medicate with bad habits, so I felt the need to seek out some alternative forms of healing.  I first went to acupuncture, I felt that using the traditional form of Chinese Medicine would help me to balance my Qi and help to restore any energy I had left.  However, as I sat in the chair he brought up a topic I wasn’t quite expecting: my energy, more specifically, my stagnant energy that was caused by old truamas, not just the new ones. He explained that my energy had been leaking due to issues with my parents and old relationships.  This was negatively affecting my energy levels and my current pursuit of health and balance. This information came as quite a shock, yet made a lot of sense. My energy had been leaking for years, impacting my whole well-being, and I never once made the mind-body connection.

Once I understood that I was leaking energy due to my past non-forgiveness, I began to look at all the other areas in my life that could be contributing to my energy leakage as well. What I found may apply to you as well.

What you eat

Just like the air we breathe, food can either energize us or make us feel ill and run down. It doesn't take a nutritionist to know that when you eat poorly, it will effect your health. But what I was eating was leaving me feeling lethargic and unenergized, which made me want to reevaluate my entire lifestyle, especially my diet. If you feel the food you’re eating is the culprit of your leaky energy--if it makes you tired and sick--it’s time to replace it with better alternatives. The fix was simple! To heal my system, I began eating naturally energizing foods, such as fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, and protein. If your diet is clean, balanced, and jives well with your body, it will energize you! I have since reduced my intake of processed food, and moved to a Vegitarian diet. 

Where you are

Our work and living spaces can have a huge impact on our energy.  Have you ever noticed when you walked into a room and immediately felt weird or couldn’t shake the feeling of bad vibes? That is negative energy.  I once worked in a place with a boss who was a textbook narcissist. Every day I would go in and he would say the most disrespectful things, and his attitude of superiority was not tolerable. I hated going to work every day. I hated walking into that office and knowing he was going to say some ugly comment about my clothes, or appearance.  I soon found it interfering with other aspects of my life - my mind, body, and spirit were in distress. I was drinking too much, staying out late, and pushing my friends and family away.  I ended up leaving that job and immediately felt better.  In all honesty, it is super difficult to find a workspace that is perfect; however, you have the power to change the energy around yourself. You can change harsh energy through smudging, telling yourself positive affirmations, getting a hypnotherapy session, using crystals to absorb the negative energy, or in worst case scenarios, leaving the environment all together.


Who we hang with

Unfortunately, this is the area that can negatively affect most of us. Whether we’re unaware we’re in an unhealthy relationship or unwilling to let go of one we know to be unhealthy the amount of energy we spend on relationships is the biggest factor in imbalances.  I see that when people come to me to help them heal issues a lot of them stem from relationships, and the areas most affected are the Throat Chakra and The Heart.   This type of leaking occurs when we are giving our energy and self to the negative and past,  and not to the present. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, I can help!  Healing the chakras begins from within through acceptance and self-love. Self-healing techniques can include visualization, meditation, , crystal healing, doing things that empower you or promote feelings of happiness, or  even a good yoga class. 

Our Past

That's the thing about life that hangs us up the most, the fact that we can't change the past. Holding onto past relationships, holding on to unpleasant feelings or events of the past can be extremely harmful to your energy. Think of it like an old record on repeat, constantly replaying situations that are out of your control takes up a lot of precious energy. Energy goes where the mind flows. Living in the past will make it difficult to be your best self in the present. Although it may be difficult, coming to emotional terms with what happened and letting go will bring peace and space for new energy. So how can you change that? Well, we can't change the past, that is fact, but what we can do is clear our subconscious from those beliefs that no longer serve us. Using hypnotherapy to clear our minds is a wonderful tool to use in healing past trauma.

Your Negative Beliefs

One of the biggest energy suckers might actually be coming from your own mind. The fear of failure, self-doubt, worrying, and all around limiting beliefs will slowly diminish your vitality. I would be lying if I said that there weren’t times that I spent my energy not owning my purpose and truth, or thinking I wasn’t worthy enough. Scared to take chances because I might fail and people will see that I failed. What I've learned is, in the end, it’s not worth wasting that energy when you could be using that energy to create the life you deserve. That people don't want to see you fail, and that most of them are not even paying attention to what you're doing. What I do to fix this leakage is through powerful self-love mantras, journaling positive things going on in my life, and giving myself the courage to take big chances by being vulnerable and just trying. I make a lot of mistakes, we all do, we're human, but what I do is believe in myself to try, and try again when I fail, and then try over and over. And when I need it, I call on a friend or family member to help me remember that I'm awesome and don't suck at life. 


My hope by sharing this with you is that you get some awareness to different areas of your life that you may be leaking energy and help you actively work to heal and restore those energetic fissures.  You have the power to reclaim the energy that is rightfully yours and feel the benefits of a full, energetic life!