6 Way To Raise Your Vibrations

Every day we are going to have lessons put on path to help us with two things: our own spiritual practice, and our ability to let go of ego and see things from a true perspective. These lessons are usually relationships with everything in our perceived reality, be it co-workers, friends, our car, our home, the errands we run. All of these are relationships we are having and how we interact with them will determine our own energetic alignment. 

Irritation, feeling frustrated or even dealing with toxic situations is going to happen from time to time. It's life, but  sometimes this is for our unconscious benefit so we can learn to grow and leave the past behind. 

But what you should focus on is how you feel during these low vibe times. What do you do when you feel drained, exhausted or just all over depressed? How do you get out of this funk? 

When you are feeling yourself being super sensitive to these toxic energies, you can judge, condemn...or you can see it as a place to forgive and let go. Doing the later will be the only way to move forward. Do that and focus on what you need to do to bring yourself back into a high frequency place. 

So you must learn how to manage your energy. 

If you give any attention to the negativity around you, then you're going to put yourself in a place of disharmony. This is no bueno.

Just as easily, you can only see the situations as what they are, opportunities to learn, and focus on the positive aspects of that, and you will stay in a higher vibrational state. YAY!

So, when you're finding yourself in a situation where you feel down, emotionally drained, negative and in a cycle of resistance, instead of putting that negative crap on a loop, you need to get back to basics and do a reboot. 

We always, always, always have the choice to start rising above a low frequency mentality and choose a different vibration. Always! 

Our energy is like a battery, and when we let our battery run dry, or out, we no longer feel like ourselves. Just like your computer, cellphone or any other device that has a battery, it won't work if it's drained. 

So instead of running dry, or harboring negative energy that can manifest in harmful ways, let's learn some tricks for letting it all go. 



The most common practice is finding time to sit there and just breath.  When we detach from the toxicity in our lives, it allows us to see clearly on what is important and what is an absolute illusion we created through our mind.

Meditation pushes us to be present with those feelings but also like a breeze passing by we just let it go instead of letting these emotions become you. You feel them, process them, and release them. Just sitting in your own energy can really bring everything to surface so you can let go and move forward.

Mana Tip: Establish a daily meditation practice even if it’s only 1 - 5 minutes of your day that will be time that is spent reconnecting with yourself and Source. Let this build up over time. 

Write a letter to the Universe

Sometimes just physically writing down how you're feeling can be therapeutic. If you’re in a low spot, feeling anxious  or even stressed out, take some time to write a note to the universe. Simply write on a sheet of paper “Dear Universe....” and write down how you're feeling about some of the issues going on in your life.

After you're done purging, ask the Universe to help you let go and find clarity on the issue. 

When we release our hurt, we’re  then able to let go from processing and feeling our emotions in the moment, then we’re able to let go fully of the past. Writing a note to the Universe is super simple and always available. 

Good Vibes Only

I actually have some issue with that phrase, because I don't believe everything is good vibes all the time. I also believe in shadow/dark vibes, and they are very necessacery for honing your own wisdome. That said, what I mean by this is try to find the simple things in your day to day life that you love and appreciate. When we focus our attention on the good things going on, we will train our brains to only see good. When you practice this gratitude and express the feelings of joy, love and contentment, your energy will automatically be on a high vibe frequency. 

So, what brings you joy? In my 7 Day Energy Healing Course I go over many different tips and idea on how to train your brain to look for the positive things in your life. 

One of the things I enjoy is listening to music. I have a play list of my garunteed feel good tunes that I blast when I need a pick me up. I also just go outside and walk around my yard or on a walk in the sunshine, both of those things will instantly brighten your energy levels. 

The more you do this, you care about managing your energy and learning what feels good in your surroundings, the Universe will notice that you care and will keep sending you more Good Vibes! 


Any Step Is A Good One

Have you ever heard that quote, "It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop"?  Well, it's those baby steps that create the momentum for drastic change in our lives. All you have to do is start. That's it. The hard part is always starting, I promise. 

Negative stuff happens, so do bad days but when we start giving ourselves permission to focus on taking those baby steps in the right direction. It creates the momentum for more positive vibrations and positive experiences into our life. Just because we have a bad day, doesn't mean we have a bad life. And I don't believe that having all the tools in the world to help pull yourself back into alignment will prevent bad things from happening, but I do truly believe that they will make dealing with the hard stuff easier. 

So ask yourself, what is one thing you can do that will put you on the path towards joy? What would make you feel even a little bit better than you did before? 

Go Do Something Fun! 

Is is common knowledge that if you want to get out of a funk and into a more positive place, you need to do something that will get you smiling and add some pep to your step. This is as simple as doing something that you enjoy! 

Maybe you like hiking? I do. But what if the ground is covered in snow? Well, how about jamming out to your favorite music? Or playing your favorite movie? Any of these things will activate the part of your energy that feels happy. Maybe you like retail therapy, or dancing it out, or cleaning...any of these things are great ways to get out of your head and into your soul alignment of love and joy. 

It's Okay To Have Me Time

This is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves, Me Time. It is imperative that you rest and restore your energy. When we’re in a lower vibrational place it can make our energy feel polarized and separated from who we truly are.  Please, take a moment to give yourself permission to bring yourself back into alignment.

 I know it isn't always easy to take time for ourselves, but energy management is a really important for helping us reconnect back to our natural spiritual selves.

The practice that we create, and the routines that we make time for, are what help use create and transform our lives. These habits help us make time for everything that is important, and you, Lovebug, are super important, so take the tie to reconnect back to your natural frequency. 

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