How Do Crystals Heal?

Hey Lovebugs! 

I have people ask me all the time, " you really believe that rocks can heal?" And ya know, at some point, I too was a skeptic. Don't get me wrong, I have always been drawn to rocks, even in my youth, but if you told me 16 yrs ago that if I held a rock I could heal myself from certain issues, I'd laugh in your face. Sure, it looks pretty, but heal? Yeah right.  The idea still seems ridiculous to anyone who hasn't experienced gemstone therapy. 

Crystal healing, or gemstone therapy,  is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to heal ailments and protect against disease. Myself, and other healers of this technique, believe that crystals act as conduits for healing. They allow for more positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, toxic, or disease-causing energy flows out. 

Actually, more than just gemstones, anything and everything is a potential healer. To understand this, it is important to first have some sense of how the natural holistic healing process works. First, when healers speak about the body, we are including even the subtle bodies (i.e. the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies). The entire energy system. Some things are obvious, and some things are less obvious. “Subtle bodies” is just another way to explain the experience that surrounds your thoughts, feelings, nuances, and emotions.

Our entire energy system is just energy that shows up in various patterns and densities. The thoughts we have, the feelings we feel, are all connected to our physical body, and have an impact of their own. And each and every human is basically the same. Sure, we are diverse in some sense, and yes, we are all individuals, but Nature created these patterns that all work the keeping the heart beating, brain functioning, blood flowing, ability for mobility. This experience of balance it our health. 

When these patterns are disrupted, we experience poor health. This can be something like a cold, or worse, a terminal disease. Balance is easy and feels good, and imbalances feel not at ease, or dis-eased.  Nature can heal itself will if we let it. It is ourselves who distort this harmony with our false outlooks and repetitive toxic  behavior. Getting to the root and fixing this negative thoughtis what healing is all about. There are many ways to do this, but today we're talking about crystals. 

Anything that makes us feel good, or that we set an intention to improve our current situation, will act like a tuning fork to our toxic patterns. This will also challenge us to retune ourselves to return to the organic balance of our natural state.  Think of listening to your favorite song, eating your favorite food, dancing, yoga, seeing a beautiful sunset....these are all high frequency energy experiences.  It will make you feel good, and trigger emotions of happiness, joy and positivity. Anything can heal us if we are open to the suggestion of an external tuning fork of harmony. Being open to it is the key.

Crystals radiate pure patterns, that they resonate with unmatched consistency. Crystals vibrate an incredible song of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and can bring us back into harmony.  This raw energy establishes patterns on an initial primal scale when it takes the form of subatomic particles. These particles combine and cooperate to produce atoms, molecules and minerals. Mother Nature ushers forth all that is possible in the natural world, building up its complexity from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom and on to the animal kingdom. As humans, our bodies are a very complex masterpiece of nature’s organization and balance.

Plants totally have healing properties too. They have a special magic in terms of reminding the body of harmonic patterns in regards to fluidity and flow. Their energy is a moving one, while crystals remain relatively the same and whose patterns are incorruptible. Each has its place on this planet and to help restore balance.  Herbal remedies are more connected to the sophistication of feelings with their fluid nature. This is why I love essential oils so much!! But crystals are more suited to tune the inherent pattern, and are a reliable and consistent source of pure frequency and pattern. Cool, so how does that actually work on our body? 

Each crystal resonates with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same geometric patterns reside in our chakra systems, organs, etc. For example, if you hold a malachite up to our heart is to ask the structural patterns active in our subtle bodies to align themselves and operate effortlessly and with purity. Those unresolved heart issues will be challenged to dissipate, allowing you to let go of whatever is distorting your energy. I often hear that people experience a flash of imagery around the past experience that initially caused the distortion. 

Everything on this planet is a living creature, and crystals are no different.  They are active participants in nature. They grow, they change, they do really cool stuff. Protons, neutrons and electrons are flying around in an absolute bliss of balance and participation, upholding the patterns of sacred geometry. Yes, geometry is sacred because nothing could be built in the natural world without it. Biology is math, y'all. Nature is just an exploration of possibility through patterns that work in balance, and that creates the living, behaving, and interactive world that we all live in.

Healing is often just a matter of restoring our bodies harmony and balance by letting go of what we are holding onto, all of our beliefs, like our ideas about how, where, when, what and why. This is the mental frameworks that have us behaving in imbalanced ways. Our natural state is easy, and to be expressed and experienced effortlessly.  Nature takes care of it all, if we can only learn to respect her and accept her wisdom and why everything is here on the planet in the first place.  Hint: it is to learn the wisdom of spontaneity, joy, accepting all others as equal, and together sharing in the abundance of this kickass planet we live on.