Kill Your Ego

“Kill Your Ego” - 

When I first started exploring transcendental spirituality and what it meant to become more spiritual, there were so many people telling me that the ego is “bad”, that it needed to be destroyed, let go of, or even killed in order to really understand the principals behind spirituality. Really? That kinda of contradicts the other half that was telling me that God doesn’t create anything but out of love. So, how can I have something inside of me that is so horrible? 

What is Ego? 

Ego is basically how you identify yourself, or who you think you are. It’s what you are called (your name), your personality, your story that you tell others about who you want to be known as. This is all based off of experiences and perceptions that were created out of memories, impressions and long held beliefs. What you were told you were “good” at and “bad” at. 

The ego is a veil between what you think you are and what you actually are. You live under the illusion of the mind, totally unaware that you are directed by a great big load of stories! — Isira Sananda



Your ego was created, and is currently maintained, by the belief that you are “separate” from others, The Universe and life itself. That you are YOU and everyone else is THEM.  You think your body, life, and personality that is distinctly different or unique from others. Therefore, according to the ego, you are not like other people. That’s what your thoughts tell you anyway.

Through this conditioning of believing that you are separate, this is why you might experience fear and suffering, as opposed to experiencing life in purity wholeness or love. You tend to filter life through your mind and that is what creates duality. Duality is essentially the state of separation, it is the opposite of reality. It is the product of the mind. In duality, we essentially “split” or divide life. This is when we will filter things as “good/bad”, “right/wrong”, “love/hate”, “pretty/ugly”, “holy/sinful”, etc. It is because of this filter, and living with duality, we create way more amounts of suffering for ourselves because we are closed off from life. Instead we focus on judgement, condemnation, fear, and we alienate and destroy others that we perceive as “bad”, “toxic”, “sinful”, “negative”, and this is all just to protect our own ideas of what is “right” and “good”. 

The more deeply you are entrenched in this life of duality, you will experience problems such as anger, depression, anxiety, stress, hatred, guilt, jealousy. This is NOT who you truly are! 

So should we “kill the ego”? 

Don’t be so hasty, such a suggestions assumes that your ego is evil and should be murdered. It would certainly sound like it should based on what I just told you about it, but saying that we should kill our ego is also an idea from ego, rather than kill your ego, subdue it, and keep it in it’s in check. The Ego definitely makes a lousy master, but it does make an extraordinary servant. Think of your ego as a frightened little child who has been given a job far bigger than it can handle. It is not equipped to make big decisions or guide your life. That is the function of the The Universe, the part of your mind that remains connected to higher wisdom while you live in the world of separation.  You should employ the ego to carry out the decisions you make at the level with spirit. Then all parts of you will be doing what their supposed to do, and everything will get done. Don’t wait for your ego to die till you make your contribution to end suffering. Your ego will stay with you, always, it is there to protect you, keep you safe, and survive. It is an important part of who you are, as long as you don’t let it consume you. 

The ego is not “bad”, it is just unconscious. The ego is the deepest part of our consciousness. If you are able to notice and observe your ego, you will be able to transcend it. One of the ways to do this is to not react to every thought or idea that passes through your conciseness but to leave it in the background, or just let it go. 

This is not a difficult process, nor is it a quick one. I know that I constantly work with my ego and even with all of my practice still let it in the drivers seat from time to time. The only difference between now and when I was younger, is that I’m quickly able to see how my ego is the one making the call. It will take awhile to truly realize and accept that you are not Ego, and this can either be liberating or very difficult to accept. 

Remember, I told you that the ego is there to protect itself and it’s beliefs so that you will feel safe. The idea that we are not separate and that we are the same as everything we love and fear is absolutely terrifying on some levels. When you accept that you are not separate, that is “enlightenment”, and as magical as most people make that word sound, enlightenment can be extremely jarring or disturbing at first. 

If you are not YOU and they are not THEM, then what are you and how is that desirable? To understand that answer, you must experience consciousness or the truth, and know that you are already a spiritual being having a human experience. Once you know this, you will discover that this is a very liberating, peaceful, expansive and place of love. Actually, when you experience consciousness itself, it is the very embodiment of Love, peace and freedom. Because this is you, this is where you come from, this is what you were created in, this is all that there is, and that is the truth you have been seeking in your life. 

Untangling yourself from the long held illusions is a process that requires patience, self-discipline, and dedication. You must be willing to exercise daily, the same dedication to letting go and seeing things in love that you do with any regular practice.  This process isn’t for trendy new age spirit junkies, it is for sincere spiritual seekers.

The spiritual path is one that requires courage, radical honesty and the willingness to let go of all that you are not. What is the ego? The ego is a teacher and a servant, one that you carry with you each day, every day, for the rest of your life. When this is understood, you will have compassion and appreciate the Ego for what it does.