How To Get Your Sign From The Universe

Hey Lovebugs!

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you will see that I often post photos of Ladybugs. Why? Because ladybugs are my sign from the Universe, and when I see one I know that I'm getting a wink, or confirmation, that I'm on the right track.

I get asked quite often how do I know that my sign is a ladybug. Well, because that's what I decided it was when I was in meditation and asking for 'My sign' from The Universe. I didn't think too much about it, it was literally the first thing that popped into my head and I went with it. 

Just try not to control your sign. When you're trying to control your sign, or the outcome, you're not in alignment with the Universe. 

How do you get your sign?

Your sign can be anything you want it to be.  It can be numbers, colors, songs, smells, words, animals, shapes, whatever. I know some people think that their sign is a penny, and some a crane...others use the number 1111. It is whatever you decide it is. For me, I was in my car one day and I was thinking about this topic, I then did a quick prayer "Universe, I'm ready to co-create on a deeper level. I want to know when I'm on the right path. I want to know what my sign is." The first thing that popped into my head was "ladybug". Well, crap. It's the middle of winter....I'm never going to see a ladybug. Wrong! 

One thing that people get hung up on is seeing their sign in it's physical form. For me, I don't always see a ladybug out in my yard. I see ladybugs on signs, scrolling on the internet when I'm looking at plants, as a cute little planter when I'm at a nursery, on the cover of a book when I'm in a bookstore. A sign, is a sign, is a sign. Don't try to complicate it! The Universe is WAAAAYYYY more able to show you signs than you can ever comprehend. When you see your sign, you see your sign. It will be crystal clear. 

“Limitless guidance is available to you when you surrender to receive it.”

However, I must also tell you, if you do NOT see your sing, that is also divine guidance too. 

Side note: Once you have your sign, the thing to know, that is very important, is that you now must turn your desire over to The Universe with an intention and prayer. Use something that expresses gratitude and ask for clarity. 

"Universe, thank you for giving me clarity. If I am on the right path, please show me my sign."

Then practice your patience.

When you first start seeing your sign, it's totally normal to get a little excited. You might even think that it's just a coincidence, but these little synchronicities are true. That's just how the Universe works when we surrender to it and have faith in the signs and guidance that you're given. 

I see that a lot of people ask for a sign, but then they don't actually surrender or believe in the power of the Universe. They try to manipulate situations so their sign will show up, or they specifically pick a sign they know they’ll see, or they will overcomplicate it by saying "My sign is the number 11, and I got $5 in change this morning and then it was 6 o'clock when I got that change and 5+6=11!" Uh, no. If your sign is the number 11, you'll see the number 11. The Universe is not complicated, people are. 

So what do you do when you don't resonate with your sign? 

The answer is simple: Tune back in. pray, meditate, contemplate, turn inward and just try to get centered, connected and ask again.


People LOVE to feel certainty in their lives, and they often will try to manipulate or control and outcome. Especially when they are scared or uncertain. When you are manifesting or co-creating with the Universe, you're in a conversation. When you're truly in alignment, that too is a conversation. There is certainty in trusting the Universe...that is part of the conversation. There is no room for ego, it's all based on limitless energy that is already supporting and guiding you.  

It can be hard to move our ego out of the way and trust the Universe. But as much as people bash the Ego, it actually has a great purpose, to keep you safe! But think of the Ego as a 12 yr old kid who has been put in charge of a SUPER important project, and you can sorta get an idea of how the Ego might get overwhelmed and scared. This is what makes you play small, stay safe, and never take risk. Our Higher Self/Subconscious is more like the seasoned CEO of a huge company. They know the ins the outs the answers and the problems, and they have a solution to it all. That's who you want in charge.

How to be patient and trust in the Universe’s plan

There will be times that we need to clean up some underlying negative beliefs or fears before we can move forward, or perhaps you need to strengthen your beliefs. If you're not getting your sign, try using a healing technique that can help you release those blocks quickly like EFT or Guided Imagery. 

More often than not, when we are impatient, and seriously, I've been there, it's because we don't full trust the outcome. Maybe you're afraid that what you want won't happen, or that you will have to lose something to gain. That is a huge misconception and The Universe is never ever asking or expecting a sacrifice in order to receive. This also means you are placing your happiness in the outcome of your desires. When you do this, you lose sight of a plan that is far greater than your own. 

It really doesn't matter the outcome of a situation. There have been many times I have wanted something that I did not get. At the time I was upset and frustrated with the outcome, but I have over the years learned, and now fully trust, that something better always comes along in it's place. I'm sure that if you think about things that have happened in your past where you wanted something that you didn't get, that you later were the recipient of something far greater than what you asked for. Try to cultivate that inner sense of love and peace. That is what connects you to The Universe.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - The Alchemist

Just remember the Universe can and will deliver to you what you want in an infinite number of ways and none of them may look like what you imagined for yourself. 

So to recap, when you are ready, ask for a sign. Tap into your own power and energy first. Do this from a place of surrender, because anything that is driven by ego will not be clear. Always set intentions and be very specific in what you ask, make sure that your request is clear, connected and from a place of pure love.: Anytime you want to ask for a sign, tune into your energy first. If your energy is ego-driven, the responses will be muddy. If the energy is aligned with love, you will always get clear direction. Be very conscious of the energy you’re putting forth when you ask for guidance and make sure that it’s clear, connected and aligned.
















When we use signs from the Universe as a way to manipulate or control an outcome, or to feel a sense of certainty when we’re uncomfortable, that is not the process. Manifesting is a conversation with the Universe. When you’re in alignment, you’re in conversation. That conversation isn’t based on ego or a specific outcome. It’s based on a free-flowing energy that is supporting and guiding you.


If you find yourself trying to search for your sign or control your sign, or you see it but don’t know what it means, that’s an indication that you are out of alignment. Get back into alignment through prayer and meditation, or reread The Universe Has Your Back and use the practices and tools in the book to gain a stronger understanding of what your relationship with the Universe means to you.

And if you really struggle with the concept of surrender, try my five steps to spiritual surrender. This is a beautiful practice to use when you are having a tough time with letting go of an outcome. Maybe you’re hung up about a crush or wish an ex would come back to you. Maybe you’re looking for a new job and have a lot of anxiety around hearing back from companies you applied to. Whatever it is, this practice will bring you great relief.

Once you’re back in alignment, you can ask for your sign and trust that you will receive the guidance you need. When you open up that conversation from a place of alignment rather than from a place of neediness and control, you will receive CLEAR direction. When you try to control, you only get in the way. But when you ask from a place of wisdom and receptivity, you can trust that the messages you receive are putting you on the right path.

How to be patient and trust in the Universe’s plan

Here’s another excerpt from The Universe Has Your Back that will help you further when it comes to trusting in the signs you receive:

Some signs come quickly and some take time. If you don’t get your sign right away don’t worry. There may be some personal fears you need to clear up, or perhaps faith you need to strengthen, before you can get it. If you’re not getting your sign right away consider that your impatience may be blocking it.

Often when we find ourselves impatient it is really because we do not trust in the outcome. If you’re impatient, maybe it’s because you’re afraid that something won’t happen the exact way you want it or exactly when you want it to happen. Remember that this need to control the outcome stems from your lack of faith in the Universe. There’s also the belief that if something doesn’t happen in the timeframe that you want that something bad will happen. Worse, this places your happiness and safety in the outcome.

When you place your happiness and safety in the outcome you lose sight of a plan beyond your own. You cut off communication with the Universe and disconnect from all of the infinite possibilities that could occur. The key to releasing this control is to surrender all your outside needs and obsessions and remember that nothing can take away your true power: the love and peace within you.

No matter the outcome of a situation, your true power is the love and peace within you. This inner sense of love and peace comes from being connected to the love and peace of the Universe and trusting that it always has your back.

So remember: Anytime you want to ask for a sign, tune into your energy first. If your energy is ego-driven, the responses will be muddy. If the energy is aligned with love, you will always get clear direction. Be very conscious of the energy you’re putting forth when you ask for guidance and make sure that it’s clear, connected and aligned.