Improve Emotional Wellbeing with Mindset Coaching

Emotions are data, no direction - Susan David

Maybe you’ve heard that thoughts are the language of the mind and emotions are the language of the body. Because we are human we have thoughts and we cannot stop them from happening, we can only “pause” them or control them. We have this ability to use metacognition, and therefor we get to create the experiences we have in our life. Simply put, if you are ever having a thought that is unpleasant, by acknowledging the thought, then stopping that thought, you can then choose a new, pleasant or positive one instead. Why does this matter?

Because I have heard enough people tell me that they feel that things happen to them that is out of their control, or they are playing the victim and can’t seem to get over some negative experiences in their life. And this is a limiting belief that most people play on a loop that allows them to get out of taking accountability for their lives.

I’ve met plenty of people over the years who have had to deal with some sort of perceived wrongdoing and they quickly tell me how they’ll never forgive ‘so and so’ for hurting them. In fact they’d rather die than forgive. They have this idea that forgiveness is excusing the behavior of the other person or that it’s a sign of weakness . I will often share my own story of how I’ve been wronged and that I chose to forgive because it was a gift to myself. That doesn’t mean I invite the wrong doer back into my life, it just means I don’t carry the burden of being angry or pissed off at someone who saw no problem with their behavior or how they treated me. I’m not condoning the shitty thing they did, and I sure don’t let them repeat the offense because some people are truly toxic, but I can objectively look at their part, and instead of taking it personally, I have compassion for why they must have done what they did. Hurt people hurt people.

When we work together one-on-one in a Mindset Coaching session, I can show you how to access buried subconscious memories around past hurts so that you can find forgiveness, both for yourself and for the person who hurt you. This can be done with various techniques and finding the way that resonates with you is the goal, that way you can actually move through this hurt and free yourself from the bondage of suffering.

When we play our emotional stories over and over again it’s harmful to our health. Every time we repeat our stories, whether within our own mind or out loud, we stir up emotions that flood every cell in our body. Meaning every single time you replay that memory of the event that happened that lead you to being upset, your body emotionally reacts as if it’s happening again. The brain doesn’t know if a thought is real or imagined. When our body has an emotional reaction, the hormones that are associated with that thought start to flood the body. Over years and years of this it wreaks havoc on our health. Not to mention that when you replay the same emotional stories, you are practicing that interaction, meaning you are telling your mind, “look for more experiences like this one. This one is important.” hence the patterns that show up in your life…..

Emotions are just energies in motion.

Have you ever watched a child go from crying to laughing in a matter of seconds? That’s just proof that emotions do naturally come and go. Yet, because of the way we were raised or conditioned in our community, many of us adopted coping mechanisms that were maladaptive and actually make us avoid, suppress or ignore our emotions. We were taught that feelings were bad, wrong, inappropriate or unimportant and so we denied our own true feelings. We stoped advocating for ourselves, we stopped being honest, vulnerable or available.

When we are shown how to become aware of those denied or suppressed feelings, we can then begin the healing journey with acknowledgement, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. And with me as your Mindset Coach you can do so with someone who truly wants to see you heal and succeed all in a supportive environment or space.

Many people are terrified of their emotions

Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky did a documentary called Stress, Portrait of a Killer. In the movie we see how the antelope, in the wild, can shake off the excessive adrenaline after being chased down by a cheetah.

Humans do not do this. After we experiences a something that causes high emotions, we do not release the excess energy because we’ve been conditioned to keep them pent up, buried, suppressed. We don’t talk about our feelings and how the experience made us feel. So, instead of acknowledging and releasing these emotions naturally, we store them in the body and they destroy us over and over on a subconscious level. The way we go about life will be directed by those wounds, those fears, those triggers. Our subconscious primary roll is to keep us safe, and if we had an experience that we deemed as unsafe and we didn’t process the emotions with it to make us think otherwise, we will do everything we can to prevent us from repeating that unsafe experience again. And we do this without realizing it.

One day we wake up

It’s typically some event in our life that suddenly makes us aware of the fact that we are unhappy, or stuck , and that it’s our own responsibility to heal and change to find contentment. We can no longer blame anyone else or look for external distractions to keep us preoccupied from the work we need to do. It’s when we finally come to understand that it’s time to discover and learn how to safely address the events from our past and release the stored and blocked energies in a healthy way. This will enable us to live lives rich with emotion, relationships, health and freedom.

We need to learn how to separate emotions from behaviors

Mindset Coaching is a simple and effective way that we work together to help you access the subliminal programs that run our lives. It offers a manageable means, and accountability, to extract old, disempowering habits, leaving space for conscious awareness to bloom instead. This leaves you free to feel your emotions safely, fully, and choose your new actions wisely.

Become more emotionally intelligent

With Mindset Coaching, you discover how to separate your actions from your feelings and express yourself in more healthy ways. You are able to set boundaries, advocate for yourself and discover that conversations do not have to be combative or disempowering. There’s no need to hide who you are anymore, no need to stuff down your feelings, mask your true emotions, or push people away with unhealthy habits or dysfunctional behaviors. When you begin to clean up your subliminal belief systems, your emotional and physical health improves. All your decisions begin to align with your highest and deepest healing. You begin to live a vibrant and purposeful life for the benefit of all.

Emotions highlight where we need to heal the soul

Through forgiveness, and with love and support, we can learn how to meet our personal demons, forgive ourselves for being human and celebrate our newly found freedom. Leaving you to live a life that makes you truly happy.