Do Crystals Really Work?

If you’re asking me, I’m going to say ‘Yes!’ because I’ve been using them for so long, and have actually seen the benefits from working with them during meditation and Reiki. However, I do understand where some skepticism can come in because, as most people, we need to see to believe, and crystals are not something that give you instant results. I would like to explain to you several ways to look at how incorporating crystals into your life can aid you with energy healing.

The first, and probably most simple, is just by using it as a focal point of intent. A lot of religions use objects to focus on when setting intentions, or as they are more commonly known as, prayers. In my youth I was actually a Catholic, and I remember having my first rosary given to me. When you work with a rosary,  you are using the beads along the string to count the prayers you are doing. You are focusing on them to really send out, and be heard by Jesus, so he will answer your prayers. Buddhist use a mala necklace for similar reasons, but instead of using prayer, you are usually chanting a mantra with each bead.

So what does that even have to do with crystals you might ask? Well, actually both can be made using crystals, in fact most malas are, but it’s the focal aspect that I want to point out. You are holding something with the belief that the object will help aid you in whatever intentions you are setting.

Still not convinced that crystals do anything? That’s okay. I’m here to drop some science, first is chemistry.

Let’s talk about a very common household mineral that, probably, most of you have used at some point; Magnesium Sulfate, A.K.A. Espom Salt. Have you ever had some aches and pains and your doctor, or some other seemingly super wise person, told you to put a cup of epsom salt into your bath and soak? And it WORKED! The chemical formula for Epsom salt is MgSO4 + 7H20. Magnesium Sulfate is found in 95% of mineral waters! Anyone remember how in Mineral Wells, TX they would bottle the water and claim it had miracle healing powers? I feel this way about Topo Chico, btw. Anyway, up to 2% of unrefined ocean sea salt is magnesium sulfate, and the human body actually NEEDS it!


Um, it’s actually considered a mineral, but you know what else is? Quartz! The most popular crystal used in crystal healing. Now chemically, a quartz is more of a silica, found in the Earth’s crust, and it’s chemical formula is SiO2. Scientists have actually determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own electromagnetic frequency (EMF), just as our entire body does, and just like, yep, the Earth. Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, actually proved that life cannot exist without silica. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, that’s more than other important minerals such as iron.

Ready to grab a crystal and get to work yet? Just so you know, some other quartz that are popular to work with, and work in similar ways:

  • citrine
  • amethyst
  • jaspers
  • aventurines
  • smokey quartz
  • rose quartz

I could go on, but you’re smart, and probably catching on here, but if there are few of you who are still NOT convinced that crystals work, lets get into physics! YAY, more science!!

So back in the late 1800’s, in Paris, physicist brothers Jacques & Pierre Curie (husband to Marie, yes the one who won a Noble Prize for Radioactivity) made a new discovery regarding quartz crystals. What they found is that by wiring a quartz crystal to a recording meter & striking it, they could produce an electric signal. Then they found that squeezing it resulted in the same. No, the quartz wasn’t really making electricity, because crystals cannot create, nor generate, energy, but what it means is that some crystals can serve as transducers.

So what the hell is a transducer???




  1. a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa

In this case we’re talking about transducing mechanical energy into electrical energy. Or vice versa: an electric current into a mechanical force. You still here? So, what I just told you is what the Pierre bro’s discovered, is known as: piezoelectricity. And that is what makes quartz crystals super badass!

I found this photo off the internet.

I found this photo off the internet.


Just FYI, piezoelectric crystals are highly beneficial to our energy fields. This is why we always need to pay attention to the energy we are giving and receiving. When you start to notice a deficiency in one of your chakras (WHOLE OTHER TOPIC ON HOW TO TELL) and when it’s neglected, you will eventually notice how your physical body will react and manifest the negativity. This can lead to some pretty serious ailments or sicknesses. When you start to use crystals, what you are actually using is the piezoelectric property of quartz which allows us to tap into the body’s polarity. You can simply hold the crystals, or wear them, personally, I couple them with Reiki ,or meditation, for extra benefits.

So there you have it, some hard truth on how crystals actually work for you when using them in energy healing.

I hope you were able to learn something today, and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.