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Intentions & Tea

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Join me every Wednesday at 10AM MST to discuss topics like meditation, yoga, neuroplasticity, furture self journaling, setting intentions, affirmations, visualizations and many other various modalities to change the things in your life that you’re ready to let go of or no longer serve you. Plus, how to actually put them into action.

There is no one size fits all with a spiritual practice. What works for one person may not work for another. Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe you have tried sitting meditation and you just find yourself getting distracted by your own thoughts after 2 mins. You think that it’s impossible for you to do it yet you still want to try? Perhaps you’ve gone to a yoga studio only to feel intimidated by the people in the room thinking that they were better, more flexible, and that you would just look foolish on your mat? Or how about everyone around you telling you how their life is 100x better since they started journaling and you’re not sure how that happened because you have a notebook with goals written down and not a single one has happened. And for every person who has said that they set some intentions for things to happen in their life and then saw those things come to fruition, you think that they must be lying or know some secret magic that you don’t because it’s just not happening when you do it.

That is where I come in and why it is my mission to help people discover all of the various ways that they can create their own practice, see ACTUAL growth and finally understand how to implement all of these tools in the areas of life they want to develop.

My goal is to help everyone understand that change is possible, even for YOU, and that developing a spiritual practices is possible when you find the way that resonates with your higher self.

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