Emotional Freedom Technique Accredited professional Certification & Biz Training

This accredited course covers everything you will need to know to become a successful accredited certified EFT Professional Practitioner. You will learn the history of EFT, like where is started, and the many benefits and how it will help clients manage a multitude of issues. This course will also give you the know how and insight to start a profitable career, in person or online, by understanding the holistic healing business industry.

The course includes 1:1 instruction with me ,weekly learning modules and an 80 page eBook!

What will you be able to do after you finishing watching this course?

  • Offer EFT with confidence to new and existing clients. 
  • Learn how to do client intakes that help get to the root cause of a clients issues so that true healing can take place. Including forms for helping discover what the root cause is for your client. 
  • Explain what you do with confidence and ease. 
  • The tapping techniques
  • Master the art of planning, creating, promoting and personal branding for your business.
  • Build a business around your passion for helping others in a holistic approach. 
  • Advertise your services effectively via Facebook Ads & other platforms.
  • As well as a listing on my website so others can find you as a practitioner in their area! 
Professional EFT Practitioner Certification
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