Are you ready to learn how to use the Moon to get back into alignment and manifest a life you're in love with?

this course will guide you to work with the magic of the moon energy to manifest desires, release energy blockages, return to harmony with nature and align with your higher purpose. 

The Moon Magic & Manifestation Course is an online program for anyone who desires to take control of their lives by intentionally aligning their energy to manifest more happiness, balance and purpose.


My formula for manifesting is simple; Decision + Attention + Allowing = Manifesting.

Having the desire to take control of your life and shift it into alignment with your higher power is as easy as making the decision. 

Everything in this Universe has an ebb and flow, like the ocean, a cycle, like the seasons and a rhythm. We, because we are part of nature, also inherently have this ebb and flow, cycle and rhythm. Unfortunately, many of us have unconsciously lost that natural flow to our lives. This can cause feelings of imbalance, stress, anxiety, lack, worry, depression, etc. This can be caused by various things, like living in a state of repetition, being disconnected from nature and your inner higher guidance, and/or just living that "rat race" life instead of a life of purpose and joy.

We are connected to the Moon in a really powerful way. Our bodies are 80% water, and the Earth is 80% ocean. I don't think that is a coincidence. When we are aligned with the Moon, we begin to recognize and harmonize within our own natural flow, cycle and rhythm. We become more aware and more mindful of what we are manifesting for ourselves and the power we have to create our life. We understand what it's like to co-create in this existence, and we understand, again, that it doesn't have to be hard. 

It is when you come back into alignment that you will see a radical improvement and shifts in your life - towards manifesting, more mindfulness, allowing, intuition, connection, balance, happiness, purpose and self-healing.

Who should take this course?

it doesn't matter if you feel stuck in lack or your own "rat race" life, or you're passionately living your best life, aligning with the Moon will help you to:

  • Learn to turn desires into reality 
  • Take inspired action towards manifestation
  • Feel more balance and in harmony while co-creating with The Universe.
  • Find more clarity in life to pursue your goals and purpose
  • Turn "fear" into "love and abundence"
  • Deepen your sense of intuition, inner-knowing and higher power.
  • Learn to clear negative energetic blockages to make room for positive manifestations and self-healing
  • Open yourself up to receive more creativity, positivity and inspiration in your day to day life.
  • Find happiness, flow of ease and rhythm each month as you align with each Moon phase

Magic = Possibilities.

The Moon Magic  & Manifestation course is an engaged practice of practicing to align your energy with Mother nature, the Moon and the Universe. This course is not a book of magic spells or quick-activating potions - but when done right, has endless magical possibilities. It is only guaranteed to the extent that you are willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and life. You will have to put in the mental and emotional work needed to redirect and reactivate the energy that you want to align with. But when you do, that's when magic appears for you.

This course works with the energy of each of the 8 Moon phases to put you in better flow, allowance and trust through your intentions. In this state, you open yourself up to tapping into and receiving Divine inspiration which leads you towards manifestation and abundance. It is a straightforward, easy to understand, yet powerful practice that will benefit and transform you in so many ways.

Apply Moon Magic & Manifestation techniques to:

Create A Life You Are In Love With

Reframe  your mindset and turn your perspective around. Change where you are in life and start to create consciously so you can manifest abundance, success, happiness, healthier relationships, and understanding your purpose.

Start or Grow Your Business

Work with the Moon through intention and inspired action to organize, launch and grow a business, get the clients you want, create and sell products, market to your audience, and make the profit you intend.

This course is for those ready to align and manifest a more joyful life, but also ready to take on challenges with a new, creative energy.


The Moon Magic & Manifestation course is broken down into 10 modules.

For each lesson on the phases, you'll receive an interactive workbook that guides you through understanding the phase, tools to use to help manifest and a worksheet to help you stay organized and focused. 

Here's the outline of the course so you can decide if it's right for you.


Module 1  : Manifesting

In Module 1, you'll learn all about Manifesting, what it means, and how to do it. 

  • Learn what it's like to set a Desire, use your Inspired Action or Attention to help it grown and then Allow it to happen.

Module 2 : Phases

In Module 2, you'll learn how to understand that each Moon phase is good for one thing or another. Remember: the more you’re in tune with the Moon, the more easily life will flow. In my own experiences over the years, I've developed my own take on using the energies of the moon phases. This is what I determined to do at each one, what we shouldn't do, and how to manifest our desires. 


Module 3 - 10 : Working with the Moon Phases

In these modules is where we begin the work alongside the Moon cycle.  You'll learn how to:

  • Set powerful and positive intentions.
  • Tap into your intuition, recognize synchronicity and omens from the Universe that guide you towards your intentions.
  • Create a sacred space, and learn how to utilize it during the Moon cycle with various tools like essential oils, candles and crystals.
  • Connect to your Divine Feminine power.
  • Heal your energy and learn to harness your inner guidance.
  • Take inspired action and focused attention that lead you forward on the path towards manifesting your intentions and goals
  • Align you personal energy with the energy of the Moon so that you can bring more balance, alignment. Allowing more flow and abundance into your life.
  • Work to release and let go of things that no longer serve you, such as negative patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and energetic blockages.
  • Heal and cleanse your life, by letting go, giving thanks, and opening yourself up to receiving a more positive flow of energy that attracts what you desires.

Bonus Module: Working With Other Cosmic Events

This bonus module will take you through how energy works with Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Equinoxes and Solstices. 



    Work with the magic of the Moon to align your energy, set powerful intentions, and manifest your dreams and purpose.


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