Happy Clients


I very much enjoyed and looked forward to meeting with Nikki every week. I will admit that I was a bit nervous prior to meeting Nikki via the video chat. I’m very sensitive to vibes and was afraid that I might not feel comfortable.
I was instantly and very pleasantly surprised upon 1 st greeting her. I felt an instant relief. Face composure, I feel says a lot about a person. I felt warmth and ease.Nikki has a wonderful way of expressing herself and delivering the message. Rather than just limiting the training to text book facts, she shared a lot of her own personal testimonials. I loved her sharing and her sincerity. It in turn made it very comfortable for me to share my own feelings and insecurities.
The materials were well spaced out and timed properly to enable me to prepare and conduct my own separate research.
I am very looking forward to registering for Crystal Reiki Level II with Nikki. I very much felt her presence and concern for me throughout my whole journey.

— Maria J.

WOW! If you don't think Hypnotherapy works then you haven't tried Nikki. 
After 4 years of trying to fall pregnant it has finally happened and our baby is due in May 2017 and we have Nikki to THANK! 
I live in Australia and we did the sessions over Skype and it was just like being with her face to face! Not only were the sessions relaxing, visual and mind opening. I could actually picture myself holding my baby. This technique truly works. Nikki is such a lovely, caring, sweet and very open minded lady. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone trying or struggling to fall pregnant to just have an open mind and believe in it and it will happen. Give it a go, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thank you Nikki from the bottom of my heart! xox

— Sarah A.

Before my session I was suffering from extreme nausea from my pregnancy. I had just got out of the hospital and was exhausted and my ribs hurt from all the vomiting. I was in a mental state I can only explain as foggy, disconnected from the present. Nikki did a crystal clearing and reiki session for me. The thing about reiki, is you don't really know what to expect, since each practitioner has a different style. Having gone to multiple practitioners before, I knew it would give me calm. That's what I needed. What I didn't expect is the restorative energy that came through almost immediately. I felt as though I could finally gain some peace, which lead to allowing the present moment to come in. I began to feel less agitated from my nausea. And then the most beautiful thing happened, I started to feel more connected to my baby. I didn't realize ... I was so sick, I couldn't even wrap my brain around the gratitude I had inside for this little one. The session she provided was a blessing to my wellbeing and I will never forget it. Since then I have also used her remote healing sessions. I felt the need to drink a lot more water on the days after from the energy clearing. Nikki will always be on my healing team. My hope is that her services are as typical and "mainstream" as calling your chiropractor for an adjustment! Thank you Nikki"

— Cass

Nikki is not only one of the coolest gals I know, she is also a fantastic teacher and whole hearted beautiful human. I love her Repair and Renew products! She is honest and down to earth and very easy to talk to. One thing I know for sure is that when you are working with her, she will be tender and understanding from a true and grounded place. It means a lot to “land” in a space with someone who really cares and wants to share what she knows and has learned in her life and work.

- Ashton P.

Thank you so much, always trust your vibes!  They are right on!  I've actually seen quite a few intuitives and this was the most precise reading aligned with my soul purpose that I've ever had.  So . . . how about that!  I had the most amazing Intuitive Healing session with Nikki.  She is awesome!  She is a joyful, inspiring, and down to earth person, fun to talk to and like a ray of sunshine!  Not only did I receive deliciously scented essential oils intuitively chosen by Nikki curated to balance my chakras, but she also used the magic of healing crystals during our session.  But what was most exciting, inspiring, and amazing was her intuitive guidance.  I asked her to share with me any information that she received and the first thing out of her mouth was precisely my big dream that I've been dreaming about (and not telling anyone about) for ten years!  She described what I truly want to do (but haven't admitted) with precision and absolute clarity!  She was able to see the highest purpose for my life and the steps to take to achieve it.  It was a very healing, inspiring, and wonderful morning.  Finally, thanks to Nikki, I'm inspired to take action, go for it, and live my big dream and true purpose.  I'm thrilled and can't wait to do it again!

— Jessica T.

I appreciate all of your help in helping me along the way.  Over the years, I have had counselors, but I never felt they really helped.  I never felt that I walked away feeling better and never felt I had the tools to help myself grow.  For the first time EVER, I feel like working with you has exposed me to a lot of knowledge I didn't know about and provided me the tools that I need to actually put into action.  I seriously can't thank you enough!  ️ 

- Megan J.