4 Week Meditation, Mindfulness & Mindset Training to Change Your Brain

4 Week Meditation, Mindfulness & Mindset Training to Change Your Brain


I’m so very excited to bring this blend of mindfulness and meditation that is backed by science. This 4 week program will give you an action plan + accountability to change your brain's negative thoughts and habits into one's that generate greater positivity, joy and happiness in your life.

You will be able to recognize, understand and transform the part of your life that is no longer serving you with neuroscience techniques.

This will in-turn give you the tools that you need to:

1. Understand the mind/body connection so that you may be able to improve sleep, reduce stress and manage the things that cause you discomfort.

2. A One-Hour weekly workshop that will introduce you to mindfulness strategies, meditations, journaling, self inquiry and information on the Neuroscience. Including how your thoughts change your brain, nervous system, cells and genes

3. Dive into and work with strong emotions, negative self talk and discomfort so you learn activate the parasympathetic nervous system before stress takes hold.

4. Create a regular practice that will guide you through your day to day life, helping you to identifying your own negativity biases and learn tools to turn on the joy, happiness and gratitude areas of the brain.

5. Learn and practice 4 specific 30 - 40 minute meditations to change your brain's habitual response and find a style that works and resonates with you.

My goal for this workshop is that you will get the tools to increase happiness/joy, dampen stress and rewire your brain through listening, discussing and practicing. You are in charge of your growth and change, and I am creating a safe container to help you be witnessed and held accountable in this process.

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